The Role of Insurers in 2030 - Looking back at the panel discussion

8 January 2018

On September 29th, TriFinance organized a panel discussion hosted by P&V Group about the Role Of Insurers in 2030. The topics which were discussed, touched upon the importance of insurers during volatile times, the impact of their governance on their clients and society and the relevance of investing in skills for the future.

The panel consisted of Hilde Vernaillen (CEO at P&V Group), Dorsan van Hecke (CEO at Athora Belgium), Heidi Cortois (COO & CCO at NN Belgium), Cedric De Vleeschauwer (CEO at Alan) and Jean-Philippe Thirion (Business Unit Leader Financial Institutions at TriFinance Belgium).

The panel was moderated by Francesca Vanthielen, news anchor for Kanaal Z.

The event pictures and recordings of the session are available below.

Video - Introduction and context

Francesca Vanthielen introduces the panel members Cedric, Heidi, Dorsan, Hilde and Jean-Philippe. The panel discusses the role of the insurance sector as a trusted partner and how it coped with the Covid pandemic. 

Introduction and context [10.55 min]

Video - The role of insurers towards their clients

The panel discusses the importance of physical contact with the client, the use of digital channels, the dominant distribution channel in the future, the role of the insurance industry as an advisor or 'butler' and the need for simplicity and transparency.

The Role of Insurers towards their clients [23 min]

Video - The role of insurers towards their employees

The panel discusses how the sector copes with the war of talent, the dusty image of the sector as an employer, the diversity of the required profiles and the importance of a company vision and mission.

The Role of Insurers towards their employees [11 min]

Video - The role of insurers towards society

The panel discusses the impact of the insurance sector on sustainability, 
the sense or senselessness of privatizing the social security system, the importance of prevention and the impact of climate change on taxation and premiums.

The Role of Insurers towards society [16.34 min]

Video - Questions & Answers

The panel discusses the following questions from the audience:
– The impact of legislation and regulation on innovation and entrepreneurship 
– How to improve customer centricity?

The Role of Insurers in 2030 - Q&A [16 min]

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