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A unique combination of services

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This is what we do

As a supply-driven company, we have the best people deliver our Do-How solutions. Our people are highly motivated, self-starting and self-propelling.

Do-How is what we do. It combines experience (do) and functional knowledge (know-how). It is a unique combination of services, anchored in our broad and deep service portfolio, delivered by a co-creating network of Blue Chip Boutiques. Each of these business units has a specific focus, expertise, experience, and approach.

As a whole, we cover the entire finance continuum, as well as large parts of ICT and operations. We provide services relating to areas of knowledge in specific sectors and we use highly distinctive methodologies to do so.

A dynamic and agile environment
It is a very dynamic and agile environment, in which we bundle or unbundle services where needed. Organisations have traditionally sought to gain control through advanced planning, strict hierarchies and extensive rules & regulations, but this logic is progressively losing traction in a rapidly changing and uncertain world that requires new skills and behaviors, in a tight labor market. At TriFinance we have been applying agile principles, before it was even called agility. As such, we are all about reinventing work in our own organization, but we can also help you to cope with the different aspects of your transition.

Our people are  highly motivated, self-starting and self-propelling.

We work from insight to realization

We provide both locally organized intelligent capacity for your transition & support needs and nationally and internationally organized pragmatic advisory for your other challenges. We find the right solution for our clients with permanent staff and interim managers. Furthermore, our portfolio includes training courses in a variety of areas. We even have the in-house expertise to take over the activities of an entire finance department. And for our whole portfolio of services, we work from insight to realization.

The people

Who are the people behind our knowledge-sharing network organization.


TriFinance is a contemporary and pragmatic organization where the growth of people comes first. We believe in a role based organization where employees can take ownership of different roles within their current function. This approach stimulates co-creation and increases economies of Motivation®️.

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“We are an honest expert who embraces independence, shows pragmatic pioneerism and has and shares in-depth knowledge in an open & equal ambience, to further people and partners. We have an intrinsic drive to perform."

We are a sincere challenger