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Furthering People for Better Performance in Do-How.

TriFinance is all about putting employees first

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I knew very well where I wanted to be: in a company based on one basic idea, the growth of people. So I decided to create it myself, with that exact purpose and why. That company is TriFinance.

Gert Smit
Founder & chairman

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How we do what we do

Co-creation in a knowledge-sharing network


Co-creation and collective creativity do not occur automatically. At TriFinance, we facilitate the process through our organizational structure.

TriFinance is a flexible, knowledge-sharing network organization of business units called Blue Chip Boutiques and Expert Support Units. Each Blue Chip Boutique assumes its own strategic function within our service portfolio. Supported by experts, our business units can benefit from specific shared expertise. This set-up combines the advantages of small, lean units with those of a large company.

Our approach
What we do

Reinventing work with Do-How

Since we started TriFinance in 2002, we have made a lot of progress with the reinvention of work. That is certainly due to our purpose and approach, but also to the uniqueness of what we do.

We have been creating a new market for a new combination of services that moves between staffing and conceptual advisory. It eliminates the disadvantages of both, with staffing often drifting into anonymous body shopping and advisory often lacking practical implementation, despite its high cost. Our new combination is pragmatic advisory. We call it Do-How.

What we do

Our sustainability approach

We put our intrinsically motivated employees first. Sustainable development is part of this intrinsic motivation. We ‘lead by example’ by continuously reinventing our way of working with respect to the environment and society in general.

We incorporate Social Responsibility, Environmental Care and Corporate Governance in the way we do business. Social responsible entrepreneurship where a positive impact on people and planet is as important as the growth of profit.

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Our brands

ParkLane Insight is our management company. It is comprised of three different brands: TriHD, TriFinance and TriTechnology.


Our story
started in 2002

Built as a contemporary human development company, we have the growth of people as our primary purpose. First offices are opened in Brussels and Antwerp.

Who we are

Who are the people behind our knowledge-sharing network organization.


TriFinance is a contemporary and pragmatic organization where the growth of people comes first. We operate through a network of Blue Chip Boutiques and Expert Support Units, guided by a Leadership Team.

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Blue Chip Boutiques

Our Blue Chip Boutiques are small entrepreneurial cells, each with its own focus and its unique expertise.

Together, they deliver a new combination of services called Do-How. Traditional solutions in our business can be linked to either staffing or advisory. Do-How combines the strengths of staffing and advisory into new propositions.

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“We are an honest expert who embraces independence, shows pragmatic pioneerism and has and shares in-depth knowledge in an open & equal ambience, to further people and partners. We have an intrinsic drive to perform."

We are a sincere challenger